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18 mei 2012

Erasing Bisexuality: Another Kind Of Homophobia

by Julie M. Rodriguez

Thursday, May 17, is the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT) and this year Care2 is bringing you personal stories from around the world on the fight to eliminate anti-LGBT prejudice and discrimination. (...)

The hardest part of being out and bisexual isn’t what you’d expect. Yes, I’ve experienced icy glares and unpleasant comments when out with female partners, and I know that being perceived as a lesbian in public could be dangerous. While I’ve thankfully been spared any personal experience, I’m acutely aware that hate crimes do happen. And bisexuals experience just as much homophobia as gays and lesbians when in same-sex relationships, and when publicly affiliated with LBGT events and organizations. Functionally, we’re no different when we’re involved in the gay community.

But there’s another kind of homophobia we experience as bisexuals, and for me, it cuts deeper. By and large, it isn’t perpetrated by people and groups who would hate me regardless of what I do and say. It doesn’t come from bigots and hate groups. It often comes from friends, family members, co-workers and other people I see and interact with on a daily basis. Sometimes, it even comes from queer allies.

Care2, 17 mei 2012

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Uganda: Men Cheat, Deal With It

By Patience Akumu

Whether he is a president, minister, MP or royalty, he feels that there is nothing wrong with cheating on his wife with another woman.

A man cannot have only one woman; there is a saying to that effect in almost every local dialect in Uganda.

Indeed part of the traditional marriage counselling, both in private with the ssengas (paternal aunts) and in public during kwanjula (traditional marriage ceremony) revolve around women enduring whatever flaws and atrocities their men may bring into the marriage.

And yes, one of these flaws may be a desire to sleep with as many women as he can lay his hands on. But this should not bother any woman because apparently all men cheat, and that is that.

allAfrica, 17 mei 2012

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Love and Marriage [United Kingdom / United States]

[Author: anonymously]

I just registered my intent to marry my partner in the UK, coincidently around the time when the state I used to live in, North Carolina, banned same sex marriage in the state via Amendment One. In addition, I’m attending the wedding this weekend of two good friends who are poly. I’m reminded of how lucky I am not only to be able to legally marry in this country, and thus get the opportunity to stay in the UK, but I’m also reminded of why all of the “Congratulations!” given to me because of my marriage makes me hesitant to be pleased.

One might assume looking at me that my fervour for marriage is gone because I’m poly; because if I can’t marry all of my partners than I won’t be happy. But the truth is, I don’t want to marry ANY of my partners. I have zero interest in the institution of marriage.

I want to stay with my partner and stay in the UK. It’s not as though we aren’t committed to each other, don’t want to stay together, or aren’t serious about each other; but neither of us have ever had a particular drive to be officially married. While my partner may have his own reasons, I find, ironically enough, the same people who are defending “the sanctity of marriage” so harshly in my old North Carolina home have completely ruined it as a symbol for me.

Polytical: polyamory & ethical non-monogamy in the UK, 18 mei 2012

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Vrouwen grotere vreemdgangers dan mannen [Verenigd Koninkrijk]

AMSTERDAM -  Het is een hardnekkig vooroordeel: mannen zijn de grootste vreemdgangers. Maar uit nieuw onderzoek blijkt dat vrouwen er ook wat van kunnen.

De Telegraaf, 18 mei 2012

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16 mei 2012

Planning a Gay Cruise to Thailand? Call Father Mike [United States]

Ralph Cipriano

Father Michael J. McCarthy like to sleep naked with teenage boys who stayed over his beach house at the Jersey Shore. He also ran a travel business on the side, planning gay cruises to places like Thailand.

Prosecutors on Tuesday used documents from the secret archive files to tell Father McCarthy's story to the jury in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia sex abuse case.

Assistant District Attorney Patrick Blessington suggested that the church had turned a blind eye to Father McCarthy's transgressions with teenage boys, as long as scandal could be avoided by transferring the priest to another parish. In September 1992, the cardinal promoted Father McCarthy to pastor of Epiphany of Our Lord Church in Norristown, despite a complaint of sex abuse.

It was the priest's business venture that got him into trouble, the prosecutor said, especially after the cardinal found out that Father McCarthy was competing against a business owner who had just donated $25,000 to the archdiocese for Catholic Life 2000.

Philadelphia Priest Abuse Trial Blog, 15 mei 2012

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Students At Evangelical Biola University Form Underground Gay Group [United States]

Dan Avery

It reminds us of the student groups of the 1960s, only without the draft-dodging and bra-burning: LGBT students at Biola University, a private Evangelical college in La Mirada, CA, have launched a website and campus-wide campaign after the school released a policy defining “any acts of sexual intimacy between two persons of the same sex as an illegitimate moral option for the confessing Christian.”

The goal of the Biola Queer Underground, as the group calls itself, is to put the spotlight on administrators and protect gay students the school might try to expel. Fear of reprisal is high, though, so last week, the BQU invited students from other universities to pass out information about their website and plaster “Biola is Queer” posters and quick-response code (QR) stickers across campus.

Queerty, 14 mei 2012

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Wann geht ein Mann fremd? Und tun das die meisten Männer? : Daniela fragt [Deutschland]

Liebe Beatrice,

mein Freund und ich sind seit zwei Jahren zusammen. Eigentlich ist alles fein, auch die Erotik, aber ich bin ein gebranntes Kind: mein Ex ging mir mehrfach fremd, ich habe es lange Zeit nur irgendwie gespürt, er hat immer alles abgestritten, sehr glaubhaft, und irgendwann flog durch einen dummen Zufall alles auf. Das war extrem schmerzhaft für mich gewesen, weil ich damals kurz davor gewesen war, für ihn mein bisheriges Leben und Job aufzugeben, um in seine Stadt zu ziehen und ihn zu heiraten.

Unglücklicherweise habe ich jetzt schon wieder eine Fernbeziehung und damit hat mein Freund ja jede Menge Gelegenheit zum Fremdgehen. Nicht dass er mir direkt Anlass zum Misstrauen geben würde, aber ich würde gern einfach mal allgemein von dir wissen: Wann geht ein Mann fremd? Machen das die meisten Männer?

Danke für deine Antwort

Daniela (35)

Express.de, 15 mei 2012

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Wie der Frankfurter Katholik Johannes Faupel im Internet gegen das Fremdgehen ankämpft : Der Sündenfall [Deutschland]

Autor: Conny Mönste, Journalist

Frankfurt. Es liegt etwas in der Luft. Wenn die Natur zu sprießen beginnt, erwachen hier und da auch verwegene Frühlingsgefühle: Jeder Zweite in Deutschland geht mindestens einmal in seinem Leben fremd, orakeln Statistiken. Was beim einen unentdeckt bleibt, kann anderswo tragisch enden. Gegen die unerlaubte Affäre will der Frankfurter Werbetexter und Katholik Johannes Faupel nun zu Felde ziehen. Er setzt da an, wo nach seiner Ansicht der moralische Verfall seinen Anfang nimmt: im Internet.

Der Mann hat eine Mission. In Sandalen und mit grau-meliertem Bart sitzt Johannes Faupel in seinem Arbeitszimmer, vor seinem verwinkelten Einfamilienhäuschen fällt Frühlingsregen auf schmale Spielstraßen. Faupel sagt: „Die Schüchternen, die im Internet nach einer Möglichkeit zum Seitensprung suchen, sind meine Traumkandidaten.“ Faupel schaut aus dem Fenster. Am Horizont thront der Frankfurter Stadtwald, die grüne Lunge der hessischen Bankenstadt.

aupels Idee klingt ein bisschen wie der Businessplan eines professionellen Kupplers, aber sie soll das genaue Gegenteil sein. Faupel, Journalist, Werbetexter und aktiver Katholik aus dem Frankfurter Stadtteil Sachsenhausen, möchte Menschen nicht zum Fremdgehen verführen, sondern sie davon abhalten. Im Visier hat der 46-Jährige vor allem die, in denen der Plan zur Untreue langsam reift und die ihn letztlich vorsätzlich in die Tat umsetzen. „Die möchte ich davon überzeugen, von ihrem Vorhaben abzurücken.“ Am Frühlingshimmel donnert ein Passagierjet auf den nahen Frankfurter Flughafen zu. Faupel schließt das Fenster und startet seinen Computer.

Neue OZ; Osnabrücker Zeitung, 15 mei 2012

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Priest charged with sex offences against teenage boy [United Kingdom]

A WIRRAL priest has been charged with sexual offences against a teenage boy.

Peter Hooper, of Church Road, Bebington, appeared at Wirral Magistrates, charged with three counts of sexual activity with a child.

The 54-year-old, who is a priest at St Luke’s in Bebington, faced the Wirral bench on May 9 and is due back in court on May 23.

A police spokesman confirmed that he was remanded in custody until his next appearance.

Wirral Globe: Northwest Media Website of the Year (United Kingdom), 15 mei 2012

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Class shows haredi readiness to tackle sex abuse [Israel]


Course launched recently to train haredi counselors to work with sexually abused kids shows openness to once taboo issue.
Photo: Marc Israel Sellem

A course launched last month to train haredi (ultra- Orthodox) male counselors how to work with sexually abused children in their community indicates a new willingness to address an issue that was once considered taboo.

The course, which is being run by the Jerusalem-based Haruv Institute for some 20 male social workers, therapists and psychologists from the haredi world, teaches participants how to work with ultra- Orthodox children who struggle to speak out about what has happened to them because of the Jewish tenet of lashon hara (the prohibition against speaking badly about others), unconditional respect for their elders and lack of appropriate vocabulary.

“The whole approach to this is different for haredim than for secular people,” said Tali Shlomi, director of Knowledge, Technology and Resources at Haruv, which was established four years ago to provide professionals with the training and tools to deal with sexual abuse and neglect.

The Jerusalem Post, 15 mei 2012

Meer info over Charedisch jodendom, zie: Wikipedia

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Former Yarmouth priest pleads guilty to sexually assaulting boys [Canada]

Emotions were high inside a Nova Scotia courtroom Monday as a former Yarmouth priest entered guilty pleas to six counts of indecent assault, some dating back to the late 1960s and early 1970s.

The family and friends of the six victims – all grown men who were just young boys when the crimes were committed – applauded inside the Yarmouth courtroom as they heard the guilty pleas against Albert LeBlanc, displaying relief that a trial would not go ahead and that the accused will be punished for his actions.

“He is aware of the potential penalties, potential sentences. He is also aware that pleading guilty is an admission of every element of the infractions alleged by the Crown,” said LeBlanc’s defence lawyer J. Gilles Lemieux outside of court.

LeBlanc, an 83-year-old from Bouctouche, N.B, left the priesthood in Yarmouth in 1973. Afterwards he worked as a caseworker with Family and Children Services and then as a probation officer.

Metro News, 14 mei 2012

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Antoine Bodar: Kerk moet open en eerlijk naar media zijn [Nederland]

EDE – De kerk moet zich open, eerlijk en authentiek presenteren in de media. Niet somber, maar vrolijk. „Relativeer niet de boodschap, wel uzelf.”

Dat adviseert „mediapriester” dr. Antoine Bodar. Hij sprak dinsdag op het symposium ”Geloof in de media?!” op de Christelijke Hogeschool Ede. Bodar kritiseerde het gebrek aan kennis van religieuze zaken bij seculiere kranten en omroepen. „Als je over religie schrijft, hoef je niets te weten. Die gedachte zorgt voor veel misverstanden.”

RD.nl: Reformatorisch Dagblad, 15 mei 2012

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Ik deel mijn lief met de vrijheid [Nederland]

Leonie Linssen

Nog een uurtje en dan is het zo ver. Dan breng ik mijn lief naar het vliegveld zodat hij op vakantie kan. Alleen. Zonder mij. Tja.

Het is voor de eerste keer dat mijn lief zonder mij op vakantie gaat. Toegegeven, er zijn reisjes geweest van zijn werk, maar dat is toch anders dan bewust ervoor kiezen om alleen weg te gaan. Of beter gezegd: dat ik er voor koos om niet mee te gaan. Dus zwaai ik hem zometeen uit. Liefdevol en met gemengde gevoelens.

Zo’n tien jaar geleden kwam ik in mijn eentje terug na een wereldreis van 6 maanden. Mijn lief en ik kenden elkaar toen een jaar. Het was mijn grote droom en die wilde ik uit laten komen. Ondanks dat hij als liefde in mijn leven was gekomen. Hij vond dat ik mijn droom moest waarmaken. Dat vond ik ook. Dus ging ik. Met de afspraak dat we elkaars vrienden waren en niet elkaars bezit. Voor mij die alleen de monogamie gewend was, een totaal nieuwe ervaring. Niet dat er zoveel gebeurde met anderen, maar het idee gaf mij de vrijheid die ik met open armen omhelsde. Ik kon en mocht helemaal mezelf zijn.

Nu zijn we tien jaar verder en zijn de rollen omgedraaid. In die zin dat hij nu alleen gaat en ik achter blijf. Ik beken: het is mijn ambitie. Ik schrijf een roman en die vordert gestaag. Tenminste: als ik mij een week opsluit en me volledig overgeef aan het schrijfproces, want hier in huis lukt dat niet. Ik wil dat hij volgende zomer in de winkels ligt, dat mensen Dubbelliefde in hun koffer meenemen op vakantie en zich verliezen in alle ervaringen die mijn hoofdpersonen opdoen op het gebied van de meervoudige liefde. Mijn droom is dat mensen na het lezen van mijn roman, zich kunnen vereenzelvigen met alle hoofdpersonen: de vreemdganger, de minnares en de bedrogene, de man met twee vrouwen, de vrouw die haar man deelt en de vrouw die altijd de derde is.

Dus koos ik er voor om in ieder geval tot en met deze zomer iedere maand een week lang te schrijven. Nog twee weken vakantie erbij past niet in mijn agenda, want miljonair ben ik nog niet. De komende weken deel ik mijn lief met de vrijheid. Op afstand geniet ik van zijn genieten en heb ik alle tijd voor de belangrijkste relatie in mijn leven: de relatie met mezelf. Als er een ding is dat belangrijk is in een open relatie, is dat je het fijn kunt hebben met jezelf.

Ik geniet van de dingen die ik doe. Intens en vol overgave. Vandaag geniet ik van het weeïge gevoel in mijn buik dat hij wel gaat en ik niet. Dat ik hem ga missen. Dat ik voel dat ik oh zo graag met hem was meegegaan, om samen op terrasjes te zitten, met ons blote lijf op het strand te liggen, een heerlijke salade te eten en een potje schaak te spelen of een boek te lezen. Het is heerlijk om te voelen dat je iemand mist: want gemis creëert verlangen. Het zorgt voor passie en aantrekkingskracht. Je weet ineens weer waarom je elkaar zo leuk vindt.

En het is oh zo leuk om straks weer te voelen hoe blij je met elkaar bent.
Nog maar twee weken en dan is het zo ver.

Ik tel de dagen.

Liefdedelen.nl: Helderheid en steun bij meer liefde(s), 14 mei 2012

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Sexual Abuse in Catholic Church- A Decadence of Crime - 1002-2012

By Joey Piscitelli

On May 11 th , 2012, the University of Santa Clara, California, sponsored a conference called " Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church- A Decade of Crisis, 2002 -- 2012."

This is also the name of a new book, which was hosted by Thomas Plante, PhD, and Kathleen McChesney, PhD. The book features chapters of literary contributions by 20 experts on clergy sexual abuse: psychologists, professors of law, priests, judges, sociologists, judges, etc.

Among the speakers of the conference were: Thomas Plante-PhD, Kathleen McChesney-PhD, Thomas Reese-SJ priest, Karen Terry-PhD-(John Jay College Report), Barbara Blaine-founder of SNAP, Judge Terrence Carroll-Seattle School of Law, Rev. Gerald Coleman-PhD, Rev. Thomas Doyle-J.C.D-canon lawyer-expert witness, Rev. Paul Macke-SJ, Gerard McGlone-PhD-St. John Vianney treatment center, Judge Michael Merz-USCCB review board, Anson Shupe-PhD-Professor of Sociology, A.W. Sipe-author and expert on Catholic priest issues, and Rev. Richard Vega-Pres. National Fed of Presb Councils-priest.

The conference was open to the public (for a $100 ticket,) and there were approximately about 150 people in attendance. The conference began at 9 A.M. and lasted until 4:30 P.M.

I was an attendee; and I am a clergy abuse victim. I am arguably a "biased" writer, and a controversial and vocal victim's advocate, and a successful jury trial plaintiff against the church. I have fought clergy abuse in the Roman catholic church for a decade.

The following account is my rendition of the conference, the authors, and the speakers of the event; who are also the contributors to the new book.

OpEd News, 13 mei 2012

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Grand Jury fails to indict Msgr. Brady, SNAP responds [United States]

The bar for criminal prosecution in child sex cases is pretty high. Still, we are disappointed that a grand jury feels that there is not enough evidence now to prosecute Msgr. Thomas Brady. We hope that others who may have seen, suspected, or suffered Brady’s crimes will come forward and make a report to the DA’s office. Only this way will the case be able to proceed.

Brady remains on “forced administrative leave.” That strongly suggests church officials think the accusations against him are credible. However, kids are safer when predators are jailed, so we urge every current and former church employee and member in the Diocese of Brooklyn to find the courage to call police if they have any knowledge or suspicions about Brady.

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests, 11 mei 2012

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Vatican opens investigation into 7 Legion priests, SNAP responds [United States]

Barbara Dorris

For months or years, Catholic officials have put kids at risk by staying silent about these credible allegations of heinous crimes. Each of them should have been publicly announced the moment they were deemed credible. And in each case, high ranking church officials should have publicly begged anyone who saw, suspected or suffered these clerics' crimes to call police and get help.

Instead, for their own callous, selfish reasons, Catholic authorities - perhaps dozens of them - said nothing. Their silence and inaction gave each of these predators even more time to destroy evidence, fabricate alibis, intimidate victims, threaten witnesses, discredit whistleblowers and even flee to other nations.

Shame on every Catholic Church employee or member who knew or suspected these crimes and chose self-serving, comfortable silence over their duty to protect the vulnerable.

And given the Legion's long, alarming track record with children's safety, we frankly do not believe these child molesting clerics are being kept away from kids.

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests, 11 mei 2012

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15 mei 2012

Catholic clergy abuse victims’ group may come under scrutiny, report says [United States]

By John Simerman

A national victims group at the forefront of revealing clergy sexual abuse allegations against the Roman Catholic Church may soon be forced to reveal its own inner workings, the Chicago Tribune reports today. The report says a Missouri judge has ruled that decades of correspondence of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, or SNAP, be turned over.

The ruling would include correspondence with victims, lawyers and journalists that the group considers confidential. It comes in the case of a Kansas City priest who faces abuse allegations.

Members of the Chicago-based group, which has chapters across the country, fear that the church is pursuing a frontal attack. The group says the ruling could chill victims from coming forward to SNAP. The St. Louis Archdiocese, the report said, is pursuing a similar strategy in another case.

Lawyers for the church argue that their aim is not to violate the privacy of victims, witnesses and others. The correspondence, they say, would shed light on whether plaintiffs who have sued the church revealed their alleged abuse to SNAP earlier, falsifying claims of "repressed memory" under coaching by the group.

The Times-Picayune, 11 mei 2012

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Zeven priesters Legionairs verdacht van pedofilie [Vaticaan]

ROME (RKnieuws.net) - Het Vaticaan voert een onderzoek naar zeven priesters van de Legionairs van Christus wegens seksueel misbruik van minderjarigen.

Het onderzoek werd opgestart nadat de bevoegde kerkelijke oversten de feiten aankaartten bij de Congregatie voor de geloofsleer.

Rorate / RKnieuws dot net, 11 mei 2012

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Polyamorously Proud by Janet Kira Lessin [United States]

by Janet Kira Lessin, Chief Focalizer, World Polyamory Association

Obama comes out for gay marriage. A psychology conference discusses the value of polyamorous relationships. Miss America candidate’s born male. Time to come out of the closet. Declare your gender, orientation and relationship choice.

You may have been born male or female. But what gender is your soul? I now have several transgendered friends–some pre, some post-op. Today there are options, choices beyond birth.

I was born female and consider myself a woman. But I have to move into my masculine side to lead, teach, direct or guide. I’m confused as to how I can lead through my feminine self for I have no role models to do so. The female leaders of this world do so through their masculine. Yet instinctively I know there must be a way to be empowered yet remain feminine.

Mickey Diamond who taught/teaches at the University of Hawaii, Manoa researched hermaphrodism and reported to his colleagues at a global symposium in the early 1990s that two out of 100 births are hermaphrodites. Parents and doctors collaborate and secretly make genitalia choices for their child without telling him or her or friends and relatives. The shame is so severe around these abnormal births, that few know how many secret surgeries are done in infancy.

There are 7 billion people on this planet right now and that means, if you do the math, that 70 million people in the world have been born both sexes. I wonder how many have been born that way since births began? Perhaps it’s time we rethink gender completely for it seems we have at least three genders.

In reality, sexuality/gender is more likely a cline (continuum, an overlap), for how many times have you seen masculine females and feminine males? Sometimes I can’t tell which sex someone is.

Several times I’ve seen transgendered people go from male to female and despite their new hormones and operations, they remain more masculine than feminine. Some, like the Miss America candidate are so gorgeous you’d never guess they were once male in a million years. Sometimes post op men to women turn lesbian and chose women to date. It’s all very confusing unless we begin to open up our minds and start accepting the true diversity of our human species.

I am bisexual, hetero leaning which means I love both sexes, love making love with both, have had major, life-compelling relationships with both. But I tend to be with men more often than woman, especially like being with my man, my husband, Sasha. I have more stimulating, intellectual conversations with men than women. I feel more at home with men than women. I have more difficulties with my female relationships. Yet, I miss relating with women and long for deeper understanding of the feminine mind despite the fact that I am female.

My formative years were spent mainly with my girl friends until menses at age 13 when my attention shifted to boys. In fact, my gang of girlfriends abandoned each other for boys then their children when they came along. I never had quite the same relationships with woman as I had when I was a child for I wasn’t able to have children, so I didn’t bond with my friends who became mothers in the same way as I would have had I had children of my own.

Gender’s more realistically a cline, same with sexual preference and relationship styles/choice.

I’m polyamorous, monogamous leaning. I love everyone. I don’t like to live with everyone. I don’t even like to relate with most people on a personal level because our personalities are incompatible. Our morals and values don’t jive. Our tastes differ. Our energy’s out of sync. So I keep people in casual, general or friend mode.

World Polyamory Association: More Loves, More Loving, 14 mei 2012

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problemen AnnieS zijn zeer zorgwekkend

Momenteel is ons teksttelefonie-systeem getroffen door problemen. Hierdoor is het niet mogelijk om via mobiel en internet te tekstbellen. Je kunt dus ook niet via ons teksttelefonie-systeem bellen met Teleplus of 112

Wij doen ons best om de problemen zo snel mogelijk te verhelpen. 


Bellen met behulp van djanah en eCmobile is nog wel gewoon mogelijk

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Gehoorapparaat uit basispakket

Gehoorapparaten verdwijnen uit het basispakket van de zorgverzekering. Dat heeft de Kunduz-coalitie besloten

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Goed nieuws TOG-regeling

Het indicatievrij stellen van de AWBZ-functie Behandeling voor Zintuiglijk Gehandicapten (ZG) per 18 april 2011 heeft een ongewenst effect op de regeling 'Tegemoetkoming Onderhoudskosten thuiswonende Gehandicapte kinderen'. Ouders met een thuiswonend gehandicapt kind kunnen aanspraak maken op de TOG-regeling. Steeds meer ouders van onze cliënten meldden echter dat de Sociale Verzekerings Bank (SVB) hen hiervoor afwezen omdat zij geen indicatiebesluit van het CIZ konden overleggen.

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14 mei 2012

Nun claims US priest abused her as a child [United States]

A ROMAN Catholic nun has testified that she and two relatives were sexually abused by the same priest when they were children.

The testimony is the latest in the landmark trial of a Philadelphia Archdiocese official charged with child endangerment for allegedly leaving abusive priests in ministry.

The nun said all three went to the archdiocese in 1991 to ask monsignors James Malloy and William Lynn of the Office for Clergy that the priest be removed.

The Australian, 11 mei 2012

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Jaar cel met tbs geëist tegen ex-pater uit Best

ALMELO - Een jaar cel en tbs met dwangverpleging. Die straf eist het OM in Almelo tegen een oud-priester uit Best. De 61-jarige man staat terecht voor misbruik van een 12-jarige jongen uit Oldenzaal, vorige zomer op een camping in Frankrijk.

Ook zou hij in bezit zijn geweest van 13 pornografische dia's. De man uit Best ontkent alle aantijgingen. Volgens hem heeft het slachtoffer last van "pseudo-herinneringen".

De verdachte is zowat twintig jaar geleden ook al veroordeeld voor seksueel misbruik. In totaal zouden bij de commissie Deetman, die onderzoek deed naar misbruik van minderjarigen door katholieke geestelijken, 26 meldingen over de man zijn binnengekomen. De voormalige geestelijke beweert echter dat hij na die eerste veroordeling niet meer in de fout is gegaan en zijn pedo-seksualiteit onder controle heeft.

ED.nl, 14 mei 2012

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Experts in Philly describe mysteries of polyamory: When one lover isn’t enough [United States]

Stacey Burling

You think a romantic relationship between two people is hard? Try polyamory.

A panel of experts at the American Psychiatric Association meeting in Philadelphia last week said that open relationships between more than two people can work, but it requires a lot of talk about rules, boundaries, and time spent with various lovers.

William Slaughter, a psychiatrist in Cambridge, Mass., who has been treating polyamorous patients for about five years, said they need to have very good communication skills and be especially good at “mentalizing” or understanding others’ emotional reactions. He and Richard Sprott, a psychologist at California State University East Bay, and Elisabeth Sheff, a sociologist who recently left Georgia State University, talked about what to expect from polyamorous patients. Such patients often complain that they have to spend too much time educating their therapists, Slaughter said.

The session was a lesson in vocabulary words you’re unlikely to see on the SAT. Word one: polyamory itself. It means having more than one intimate sexual and/or emotional relationship at the same time with the knowledge and consent of everyone participating. It’s different from swinging, which involves brief outside sexual relationships that are not emotionally intimate.

The most common presentation, the panel said, is a couple that considers their relationship primary, while each may also have secondary relationships with other people. Sometimes all the relationships are considered equally important or all secondary.

Sheff said she knows of one group of seven, but that’s unusual. “When they get larger than quads, they’re a moresome,” she said.

Jealousy is, of course, a frequent problem, but the polyamorous also have words for an opposite concept. Being happy that another relationship is enriching your partner’s life is known as compersion or frubbliness.

Enough vocabulary for now.

Philly.com, 14 mei 2012

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Handig zijn in springen: omhoogklim spelletjes

Behendig ga je in dit soort spellen snel te werk. Of erg evenwichtig natuurlijk, want tijdens het overspringen of overgaan mag je niet voorover kukelen of uit balans raken. Deze pagina is een selectie van de spellen op MijnGame.nl waarbij je vooral moet springen om omhoog te klimmen. Dus kom maar snel kijken naar de omhoog klimmen spelletjes

Neem nu Gekke Noot, het einde is nabij, dus spring zo snel mogelijk omhoog, van platform naar platform. Voordat je de diepte invalt omdat de platforms weggevallen zijn. Een gevaarlijk spelletje over de snelweg, met het van auto springen naar een andere auto kun je hier in Freeway Fury spelen. Hier kun je op iedere wagen springen en zelfs mee rijden.   Kom maar eens kijken in welke spring spel jij het beste uitspringt! Speel leuke Spelletjes.

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Al 74 klachten tegen pedopater Peter Dejaeger [Canada / België]

In Canada start vandaag het proces tegen pater oblaat Eric Dejaeger (65). Er lopen nu al 74 klachten tegen hem wegens kindermisbruik.

Dejaeger, die de Belgisch-Canadese nationaliteit heeft, werd vorig jaar door ons land uitgeleverd aan Canada. Hij wordt er gescheiden gehouden van andere gevangenen, is fel vermagerd en heeft een lange grijze baard. Hij staat onder streng toezicht. “Niet dat hij vluchtgevaarlijk is, we vrezen veeleer dat hij zelfmoord zal willen plegen”, klinkt het.

In Nunavut staat hij terecht voor seksueel misbruik van tientallen Inuit-jongens en -meisjes. De feiten vonden plaats tussen 1978 en 1982.

Dejaeger vluchtte in 1995 uit Canada, omdat hij zich daar moest verantwoorden voor het misbruik van zes kinderen. Hij kwam naar België. “Ja, we wisten dat hij in Canada verdacht werd van kindermisbruik. Maar niet dat het over zoveel slachtoffers ging. Het was toch niet onze taak hem aan te geven. De politie wist waar hij zat, hij stond hier ingeschreven. Bovendien, zolang hij hier zat, konden we hem in het oog houden”, zegt Georges Vervust van de oblaten. De congregatie laat hem niet vallen en betaalt zijn advocaat. De kans is groot dat de oblaten, in het kader van de operatie Kelk, door het Belgische gerecht vervolgd worden voor schuldig verzuim.

HbvL: Het Belang van Limburg, 14 mei 2012

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Former nuns write open letter to the USCCB [United States Conference of Catholic Bishops]

by Alice Popovici

The following letter was sent to the National Catholic Reporter by a former Sister of Mercy, and it is signed by 14 other women who were once members of religious communities. In a cover letter to Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York, Helen Urbain-Majzler writes: "We would be grateful if you shared the contents of our letter with other member bishops."

The "Open letter to the U.S. Catholic Bishops" letter reads:

The Vatican crackdown on the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) sends this message for religious women and average Catholics: there is no room for dissent; no opportunity for differing perspectives; no way to engage in dialogue about traditional, often narrowly-held, Catholic views. In a word, women religious leaders need to keep their ideas to themselves and simply follow the dictates and directions of Rome. Anything less than this position will be met with censure, public embarrassment, heavy-handedness, and even potential expulsion.

The LCWR leadership may have expressed surprise and confusion at the report from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) but, frankly, women like us were not surprised. All of us (now former members) have lived many years in religious communities and have witnessed cruel and punitive treatment of women religious who have taken courageous public stands to defend the poor, medically vulnerable, and the targeted victims of society, including homosexuals. As you know and may not fully appreciate, religious communities of women have been the central providers of charitable services, including hospitals, schools and parish ministries, and have been in the forefront of social justice causes including efforts at world peace and an end to oppression in all its many forms. For these selfless and tireless efforts, their faith and integrity is called into question.

The Vatican has failed to recognize the changes that have gone on in the church at large and American society in general for the past 40 to 50 years. Catholic institutions that were once a major force in American society in the 1950s have slowly given way to a more pluralistic and diverse cultural milieu. Catholics who once graciously and unquestioning submitted to Church authority, obedience and order have left the church in great numbers. In our lifetime, we have seen that the church no longer holds center stage; people in Western society question authority and realize that our broader understanding of the universe and its institutions are evolving to better respond to the world around us.


Natonal Catholic Reporter, 9 mei 2012

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Bill Donohue Suggest Obama’s Next Evolution Will Be Support For Polygamy

Catholic League President Bill Donohue has suggested President Barack Obama will next evolve to support polygamy.

Reacting to the news that Obama had just become the first sitting president to endorse gay marriage, Donohue said Obama had “fully broken with his Christian moorings.”

“The President of the United States likes the idea of Tom and Dick marrying,” Donohue said in a statement. “He did not say whether he supports Tom, Dick and Harry marrying, or whether he is 'evolving' in that direction. Perhaps he has to consult with his mentor on this issue, Mr. Joseph Biden of Delaware.”

“The time has finally come to pass a constitutional amendment affirming marriage as an institution reserved to the only two people who can naturally produce a family, namely a man and a woman,” he added.

Other social conservatives also jeered the president's move.

On Top Magazine, 10 mei 2012

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Facebook and poly privacy

By Cunning Minx

Is it OK to list my relationship status as “open” on Facebook if my girlfriend isn’t out publicly?

This question came up in the Poly Weekly inbox this week. It’s one we’ve touched on on the podcast several times, but it’s worth a quick evaluation here on the blog as well. Social networking sites such as Facebook have really changed the definition of being “out.” Facebook currently has over 800 million users, Twitter has 250 million and even budding visual social site Pinterest crossed the 10 million user mark faster than any other site in history.

And since Facebook is notorious for having complicated privacy settings that are difficult to navigate and not entirely guaranteed to ensure privacy levels, online privacy on social sites is a growing concern.

Polyamory Weekly: Responsible non-monogamy from a kink-friendly, pansexual point of view, 12 mei 2012

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Radio-uitzending 6-5-2012: eindelijk aandacht voor biseksualiteit

In de komende uitzending van de Roze Golf:

  • De tentoonstelling Bi in Beeld wordt eind mei geopend in Amsterdam, en demissionair-minister Marja van Bijsterveld (onderwijs, cultuur, wetenschappen) is erbij. De ministeriële belangstelling is een doorbraak, wan biseksualiteit is een groot taboe. Nico Lippe van het Landelijk Netwerk Biseksualiteit vertelt.
  • Reacties op de eerste homomoord in België. Er wordt gepleit voor meer aandacht voor homofoob geweld.
De Roze Golf, 6 mei 2012

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13 mei 2012

Monogamy Sucks : Take A Walk on the Wild Side of Erotica... available on Amazon [United States]

George Pappas

I am a Los Angeles-based novelist, blogger, poet and lyricist. This blog is devoted to my erotic fiction novel “Monogamy Sucks,” which is being published as an e-book on Dec. 1, 2010 by Lazy Day Publishing. The first six chapters of my book are featured on this blog, along with a detailed description of the process toward turning my novel into a published e-book. My novel is kind of an edgy male version of “Sex in the City.” It makes some interesting comments about monogamy, relationships, casual sex and the world of swinging. Also from time to time I blog about my fellow writer’s projects.

Monogamy Sucks, mei 2012

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Was I Born This Way?

That’s right, guys – two posts in two days! I’ve got some more in-depth articles and opinion-pieces in progress and lined up, but this just came to me yesterday as a fun little topic that I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on.

So: is polyamory something we’re born with the inclination for, as innate as our sexuality? Or is it something that develops? Or is it a choice? Which was it for you?

Then I tell the story of how I ‘became’ poly, I often say that I wasn’t always this way, or talk about my past experiences using the phrase ‘when I was monogamous….’ But having thought more deeply about it, and mulled over some past experiences that didn’t seem that significant at the time, I’m now having second thoughts about this, wondering whether I have, in fact, always had poly tendencies.

Love is Infinite: Love and life in polyamory, 11 mei 2012

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Sex taboo: Couples who swing [United States]

Posted by Chick Wisdom

Apparently, “swingers do it more often” and are happier in their relationships than those who stay in monogamous relationships. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean we should all go and have a try, because as most things, swinging isn’t for everyone.

In the 1950′s, it was called “wife-swapping” – a practice usually instigated by the male partner or spouse. In modern times, men and women have an equal role and a similarly strong sexual desire. Women, not men, even have control during swinging. According to experts, women decide and lead the game. Couples mutually consent to go past the boundaries in their heads and allow one another physical and psychological pleasure in harmony with their needs.

A study into couples who swing published in 2009 by Dr F. Fernandez from Barton College revealed some interesting insights into “the lifestyle”. Nearly 90% are married or in long-term relationships and almost 80% see themselves as “very happy” compared with 64% of the general population. They are usually in their early 30s, have been in the same relationships for 10.5 years and swinging for 5 years. The study estimates there are 50 million swingers in the world!

My Girlfriends, 10 mei 2012

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